Branch office

“How a Foreign company can register a Branch Office in Iran? ”

Branch Office

We as Mollasadra International Holding can also provide and execute the legal and registration procedures. Here we describe a brief about the legal procedure of Branch registration in Iran.

Accordance with executive By-Laws of the Law Authorizing Registration of Branches and Representative Offices of Foreign Companies, a branch of a foreign company is a local (Iranian) wing of the original company that carries out the business and functions of the head office of the company in Iran directly through one or more principal representative(s).The branch office can be established without the need for Iranian participation.

A branch office is deemed to be carrying out business in Iran on behalf of the head office of the company for all such business the head office shall be responsible. Therefore, the head office of the company shall have all the duties and functions of the branch office for which it shall be answerable.

The Documents Required for Registration of the Branch Office of a Foreign Company

Foreign companies intending to set up a branch office of their companies in Iran must submit the following documents to the Companies Registry in Tehran:

1. Request in writing to be submitted by the company.

2. Certified photocopies of the articles of association, notice of incorporation, and the last changes in the company registered with the authorities concerned.

3. The last confirmed financial report of the company.

4. A feasibility study in which the information on activities of the company have been described

5. Presentation of a letter of introduction from a government entity in case the branch has been set up for implementation of an agreement between the foreign company and that government entity.