“Ready to break into a new market?”

Gaurantee Your Business Entity

When you’re setting up business in a foreign country, you should have a clear idea of the target-market for your product or service Whether you’re selling to consumers or other businesses, developing an effective sales strategy in a new country-market is the first step to persuading customers to part with their money. Mollasadra can provide the best opportunities and market for your product or services.

By registering your Brand in Iran, we can guarantee the safety of your business and also we will provide the intellectual property of your Brand through the help of our experts in the field of Legal Department.

Go back to your business plan in Iran. You should carefully research your market-target and consider how you will sell them. Through years of experience in registering the domestic brands, we know about your target-market as much as possible, so we are here to ensure your success in Iran market.

What is Trademark ?

A Trademark is a word, name, phrase, symbol, or design, or a combination of these elements, that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services.Brand rights are used to prevent others from making, promoting, or selling goods or services which have a name, symbol, or design that are confusingly similar to that of your Brand.

Documents required for registering a Brand

• Establishment permit or license

• National ID card/Birth certificate/Translation of Passport

• For foreigners : Overseas/trace code

• Translated documents related to the company registration (If the company wants to be the owner of Brand)