Investment In Free Trade Zones

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The Iranian Government operates 7 free trade zones and 16 special economic zones in the country, the most prominent being:

• Kish

• Qeshm

• Chabahar

• Aras

• Anzali

• Makou

• Arvand

Investment in the Iranian free zones will offer our Clients

• 100% corporate tax exemption for 20 years

• No visa requirement for entry into the zones

• Exemption from custom duties on export raw materials , semi-finished goods and machinery

• Possibility of land purchase for foreigners inside the zones

Investment and business activities in the free zones of Iran bring upon substantial preferences with respect to company registration, tax exemption, residency and entrance permit. The southern zones are also close to the international ports of UAE that are the connecting points to Western world

Here we describe the most prominent options to invest :

Kish Trade-Industrial Free Zone

It is located in the Persian Gulf 19kms from mainland Iran. The Island is positioned along the 1359km long Iranian coastline north of the Persian Gulf, at the first quarter from the hormuz entrance to the Gulf.

• Investment Attraction and Opportunities

1. 20 years of tax exemption for any kind of economic activity.

2. No entry visa requirement.

3. 100% foreign ownership

4. Legal guarantees and protection for foreign investment.

5. No limitations on transfer of foreign currency to other Iranian Free Zones or to other countries.

6. Flexible monetary and banking services.

7- Wide range of banking & insurance services provided by state/ private sectors.

8. Easy foreign exchange transactions.

9. Active international stock exchange and oil & petrochemical bourse.

10. Exemption from customs duty on imported raw materials and machineries for the manufacturing units.

11. Convenient and easy registration of companies, industrial establishments, cultural institutes and intellectual property rights.

12. Simple procedure for re- export and transit of goods.

• Anzali Trade-Industrial Free Zone

Anzali Free Trade-Industrial Zone is a wide area of Bandar Anazli about 3200 hectares and about 8 kilometers of sea border and up to 2 kilometers into the sea, which included industrial, trade and commercial, tourism and services sections.

Anzali Free Zone borders line is clear on the Gilan province map. This area is about 23 kilometers on the Eest of Bandar Anzali.

Investment Attraction and Opportunities

• Existence of access roads to the consumption markets of C.I.S countries

• Importation and distribution of commercial goods, raw materials, finished and semi-finished goods, machinery and holding regular exhibitions

• Export of goods manufactured in the free zone