Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Settlement

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For foreigners who wants to invest in Iran, as to arbitration Iran has taken major steps by legislation the International Commercial Arbitration act in 1998.

Iran has also joined the New York Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in 2002 which opened a new gate for foreign investors who were reluctant to leave the fate of their contractual relationships in the hands of judiciary.

Our holding has years of illustrious and outstanding experiences in providing specialized services, we have diverse problem solving methods.

Mollasadra International Holding has over 14 working teams dealing with legal issues of company registration the companies who want to have certain authenticity and protection it is the necessary step in Iranian Commercial Law. In 2013, Iran has deregulated and eased the restriction to allow the foreigners to obtain any strategy and directions for investments. The flow of the companies are inevitable, due to the flexible environment and provisions by the support of the government. The team will has outstanding research center to provide the investors the knowledge about the industry. The analyzers will create dashboard and info graphs presentations to have clear Idea. Strategic Marketing is to obtain the goals our holding has department of advertising agency with enormous customer base.