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Mollasadra International Holding will provide services related to the patent which is a property right by Islamic Republic of Iran government. The patent will grant the inventor a 20-year right for registration which can be used for commercial purposes. The inventor can use and sell his/her invention for commercial and mass production. Patented projects means the inventor could attract several investors for the invention.

Legal advisers in Mollasadra International Holding have registered more than 200 patents in Iran. The inventors could enjoy all sorts of legal coverage, an invention must be determined useful before patent could be issued from the registrar Office and could be verified by our legal experts. Inventor with invention will create change in lifestyle The Inventors possess distinct advantages in the field that they operate.

What kind of inventions can be considered as Patent??

A patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor. A patentable invention can be a product or a process that gives a new technical solution to a problem. It can also be a new method of doing things, the composition of a new product, or a technical improvement on how certain objects work. Patents are granted for new, useful and non-obvious inventions for a period of 20 years from the filing date of a patent application, and provide the right to exclude others from exploiting the invention during that period.

For an invention to be patentable, it must, in general, satisfy three key criteria:

1. New: The invention should not be publicly known in any way, anywhere in the world.

2. Inventive step: The invention must be something that represents an improvement over any existing product or process that is already available.

3. Industrial application: The invention must be useful and have some form of practical application. It should be capable of being made or used in some form of industry.

Documents required for registering a Patent:

- Project related to the Invention

- Software Presentation of the Invention

- Birth Certificate/National ID card/ Translation of Passport

- Translated Documents related to the company Registration (If company wants to register a patent)