Representative Office

“How a Foreign company can register a Representative Office in Iran? ”

Representative Office

We as Mollasadra International Holding can also provide and administer the legal and registration procedures. Here we describe a brief about the legal procedure of Representative Office registration in Iran.

A foreign company may seek to establish a representative office in Iran if it does not itself intend to carry our business in the country. In such a case, foreign company will be able to conduct business activities in Iran through their representative, who can be either be a person or a legal entity.

The foreign company and their Iranian representative will sign an agreement which will provide for the scope of operations for the latter. Consequently, the representative will be responsible for all activities conducted in the country.

The Documents Required for Registration of Representative Offices of Foreign Companies

In cases where a natural person shall act as the representative of a foreign company.

The Persian translation of the following documents and evidences must be submitted to Companies Registry:

1. Certified photocopy of the Agency Agreement concluded with the foreign company.

2. Photocopy of the Identification Booklet.

3. The address of the place of residence of the agent and the address of the office of the agent.

4. Presentation of the past record of activities of the agent in respect of the works to be carried out under the agency agreement.

5. A certified photocopy of the articles of association of the principal foreign company, together with the notice of registration and the last changes of the company registered with the competent authorities.