Taxation Services

“Ask Mollasdara whatever you require for your business”

For establishment a new business in a new country and extending the market of services and products, it’s necessary to pay the least tax as possible.

Mollasadra holding with expert consultants can provide the best opportunity to invest with less tax payments. The main types of taxes are described below:

Income tax

The aggregate income of companies, and also the income from the profit-making activities of other juridical persons, derived from different sources in Iran or abroad, less the losses resulting from non-exempt sources and minus the prescribed exemptions, shall be taxed at the flat rate of 25%, except the cases for which separate rates are provided under the present Act.

Tax on imports

In order to do justice to the actual tax due tax, financial and economic policies of governments, tax from imported goods. Governments are also several other reasons to impose a tax on imports that are most important: domestic protectionism, avoid luxury goods is unnecessary and income.

Taxes on transactions

Tax when buying and selling on the value of the transaction, the seller received. Often also the seller when sales tax on the product's price and the buyer transfers. Tax on transactions involving various types of general sales tax (in various stages of production and distribution), wholesale and retail sales tax and value added tax.